Sunday, May 18, 2008



Firstly, the rules:
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1. I always have to have chap stick with me at all times. If I ever forget chap stick when we are going somewhere, it drives me crazy. To the point that if we are out long enough, I will have to buy some. And it can only be the black Chap Stick brand chap stick. And I always end up taking the wrapper off for some reason. I usually have a chap stick upstairs, downstairs, in my purse, and sometimes the car. We don't have night stands in our room, so every night I make sure that I tuck a chap stick in my pillow case just in case.

2. I don't know if this is a quirk or not but Phillip always gets annoyed with me for it. Whenever we are going somewhere he says that I always freak out and get stressed. I don't think that I do too much but I just like to make sure that with a baby we have everything we need. But he thinks that I pretty much run around the house going "we need this, grab that, put that in the diaper bag." He thinks that I always ask too many questions about what we are going to be doing. And I usually know that he won't know the answer but I ask things like "Do you think it will be windy, should I pack snacks, how long do you think we will be?" But I have to ask it anyway just to get his opinion.

3. Like my sister in law who tagged me for this, I too have saved all the notes, cards and emails people have ever written me. Of course I have thrown away some and if they are on a really really old email then they are long gone, but for the most part, I have most of them. I guess I just keep thinking that eventually I will put them all in some sort of a scrapbook to display them.

4. Every night and morning I try to pop my hips and back.

5. I can't stand to have my toenails not painted. They aren't always very nice but at least there will always have some kind of a color on them.

6. Whenever I do my hair and try to just blow dry it without straightening it, it never happens. I will tell myself that I am not doing my hair today, I refuse, and I will blow dry it and try to just slightly straighten it so the top layer is not frizzy, but no matter what, I always end up straightening all of it. It gets me so frustrated. Hahaha

Sorry I kind of had to stretch my quirks, its a little early and I am distracted watching Little Einsteins with Abby :) haha

I hereby tag: Melissa, Kimber, Emily Blohm, Mandy Coffey, Disney Jenkins, and Jamie Jenkins.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today we went down to Henderson to watch my niece's soccer game. It was so cute! Then we went back to their house to visit and make treats. Abby had a lot of fun with her cousin Millie who is two months older then her, and yet they are about the same size! Abby even tried to eat her! :)

Daddy's Best Student

I took Abby to have lunch with Daddy at school the other day. He had a prep period after lunch so we got to visit him for awhile. It was so much fun showing off Abby to the students and teachers.

Here is Daddy's best student. Paying close attention as he explains a proof.

New Pictures

Well since I have gotten my new camera, I of course have been taking non stop pictures of Abby! Enjoy!

Mother's Day

I had such a wonderful first Mother's Day. It was so much fun being pampered and spoiled. It is such an amazing thing to finally know what it means to be a mom. I love it. Every day Abby gets cuter and cuter and even though I am with her all day, I feel like I still can't get enough of her. Every time she smiles, giggles, cooes, or anything of the sort, it just melts my heart. She has been such a blessing in mine and Phillip's life and I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending me such a beautiful and wonderful baby girl. She is like my best little friend. We do everything together. She is just always smiling and such a happy baby. (Except of course when she is hungry or tired.) :) haha. I am so proud to be her mother and that she made my first mother's day so special. Phillip let me sleep in on Mother's Day and I woke up later to breakfast in bed. He made me the cutest card with a picture of Abby the day she was born. It was sooo sweet! Then I got to open presents! My mother and father in law gave me a brand new digital camera!!!! I was so excited! They said that for the first Mother's and Father's day they like to do something special. It was so nice of them. So now I can actually take clear pictures! And it takes short video clips too. I have been having sooo much fun playing with it and taking so many more pictures of Abby! Then from Phillip he gave me the option of picking one of three different Vegas shows!!!! We can either go to Blue Man Group, Stomp Out Loud, or Mama Mia! I have been saying ever since we moved here that one of the things we have to do before we move again is to go to a Vegas show. I am so excited! I have been reading reviews and trying to decide which one to go to. I think I am going to pick Mama Mia because from opinions of family, friends and reviews I have read on line, that one has gotten the most consistently good remarks. So anyway, I get to go see a Vegas show and take many more cute pictures of my cute baby! Needless to say, I had a great first Mother's Day!!!


Last Saturday Phillip's cousins were staying at the Golden Nugget Hotel for the weekend and invited us to come swimming with them. We had a blast! It was Abby's first time swimming and she loved the water! It was such an amazing pool and I was sooo sad that I forgot the camera! We took a couple pictures with our phone, but they didn't do the pool justice. It is a circular pool with a huge fish and shark tank in the middle! There is also a huge water slide that goes down through the tank into the pool. It was awesome!!!!!

I had to get this bathing suit for her! :)

If you can tell, that is a shark swimming in the tank right behind Abby!!!!

These are some pictures of the pool that I found online just to show how cool it really was.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Wii Golf Battle Continues...

So the battle of Wii golf between Phillip and his brother Jared continues. Now they have golf tournaments over the phone. They take turns to see who shot it farther, who got closer to the green, who got a better score, etc. Anyway, so Phillip finally reached Jared's score of -10! But of course that did not satisfy his competitive side so he continues to play and has now gotten -11!!! I have taken pictures of both for physical evidence. Good job Phillip!

PS-he also got a perfect game in bowling....a 300! He is crazy!!! :)

Sorry the picture kept coming out black. Oh well, you can still see it somewhat.