Wednesday, August 20, 2008

California Trip

We went to California again for one last HURRAH before Phillip starts dental school. We had a week full of bonfires, visiting Grandpa at the Fire Station, watching the Olympics, getting our eyes checked,going to dinner, a baby shower, swimming, Knott's Berry Farm, moving my brother, birthday party, family pictures, playing softball, and going to a Dodger's game. It was a long, busy, and super fun week!!!

Abby driving the fire engine!

Abby with her newest cousin Kelsey and grandpa

Sitting in the wheel of the tire

Enjoying the sand for the first time!

My brother Vaughn and his son, my brother Jared and his daughter, and of course Phillip and Abby...I love the sunset in the background too!

Knott's Berry Farm!!

Phillip and his brother Jared

Biggest pizza ever!