Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is why we finally had to install child proof drawer and cabinet latches

Phillip playing flag football with his dental friends.

We went to a friends house to watch the sad BYU vs U game. It was a pathetic game. At least we had some team spirit before the game started...during...not so much

We're training Abby to take the dog on walks so we don't have to...haha jk

Abby and her new winter coat...she looks like a marshmallow

A little collage of a couple pictures. I was just playing around on a photo editing website and thought it was cute. The picture of Abby in her Thanksgiving bib is the only picture I have of her on sad

Its been awhile since I have posted last. It has been a very crazy emotional roller coaster couple of weeks. We have been crazy busy with Thanksgiving, getting our Christmas decorations up, Phillip studying like crazy for finals, being sick...etc. I just thought I would post some much needed pictures since its been awhile. Phillip has finals all this week so this weekend we are going to be going up to Saint George with a couple other dental families to celebrate the first semester being over. One of the families has a condo up there and invited we are looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend away from everything...especially Phillip's school laptop! :) Then we get back on Monday, and its busy busy till we go down to Cali for Christmas! We will be leaving on Thursday (the 18th) so we can go to Disneyland on that Friday. (Thanks so much Jim!!!) I can't wait to go! Phillip and I have never been to Disneyland together. We have only gone to California Adventure, so I am extremely excited!!! I absolutely love Disneyland, and I love it even more at Christmas time! Of course Abby has never been either so I can not wait to see how she likes it. We are going to be in CA for about 2 weeks and we have so much to do. It is going to be crazy fun. I can't wait!