Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camera is finally fixed!

Here are some pictures to add to the posts since my camera was getting fixed for awhile.

I guess Abby was trying to take her jammies off by herself.

Playing on the little toys at the "Outlet" stores in Primm

Playing in the spa with Daddy at our hotel

We had to stop by Bass Pro Shops on our way back into town (this was for your Grandpa Jenkins). You can't really see but it was a really sweet fish tank behind them

Abby getting her first real hair cut because everyone was saying she had a major mullet going on.

It looks so much better now

We went with some friends to a Spring Celebration at a park and they had bounce houses, little rides, petting zoo, all sorts of things. Abby wasn't really sure what to do in the bounce house.

Petting a goat

Abby trying to escape the petting zoo

Chasing scary geese who were hissing and making me really nervous

Random picture of her hiding in the corner