Saturday, August 1, 2009

We moved!!!!

These past couple weeks have been absolutely crazy because we moved! We moved about 5 miles from our old place and we are renting a one story house. Not a townhouse, not a condo, a house and on a culdesac! We have a front yard and a back yard...with GRASS!!! It is hard to get a place with grass because everywhere in Vegas people have the "desert landscaping." We moved in last Saturday and I have been busy all week unpacking and getting settled in. We all have been so excited that we have a yard. Every night Phillip goes out back and hits golf balls while Abby plays in her little pool, sprinklers, or wagon and I just relax and enjoy that we have a yard. Last night we had a BBQ with several friends. We had about 10-11 adults and several kids. That many people in our old place never would have worked. It always felt like we were sitting on top of each other. The kids placed out back in the pool and sprinkler and the adults just ate and enjoyed each others company. Phillip was so excited to have people over for a BBQ to show them the new place and see that we actually have room to entertain now. It was so much fun. I took some pictures to show the new place. Keep in mind we are still in the process of unpacking so its not a complete package yet but we love it so far. I am so glad we got to move before the baby comes!

Family room area. We can actually have our couch as one piece like its supposed to be.

Dining room and kitchen area.

Front room, or living room. We still aren't too sure what to do with this room but I want to put like a sofa bed or futon in here for more sitting room and for when people come to visit. But its also a nice place area for kids.

Hallway to rooms

Abby's room. A bit messy, I was washing her sheets and stuff.

Another angle of her room. It is so nice that she will actually play in her room now because its not all the way upstairs.

Master bedroom

Master Bath

Extra Bathroom

Laundry Room, not just a closet, a room! :)

This is the room I still have yet to organize and unpack as you can tell, but eventually it is going to be the baby's/craft room

Best part ever....the back yard. Eventually we want to get a canopy thing for shade and some patio furniture since the patio is huge!