Monday, November 17, 2008

Date Night

A little late on updating but two weekends ago a friend of Phillip's from dental school had some extra VIP tickets to the PBR (Professional Bull Riding). We got to eat a nice buffet dinner with all the high rollers before the actual event. Then Phillip got to ride a mechanical bull and we also got to race in a NASCAR simulator. I hadn't seen much bull riding before, just a little bit on tv once in a blue moon if Phillip is watching it. But it was so much more fun and scary live. We were on like the 7th we got to experience it up close and personal. One of the first rides one of the clowns got flipped up by the bull. Then towards the end one of the riders got stepped on on his back and shoulder...but he was able to walk off. I have no idea how he did after a bull weighing literally a ton just stepped on him! It was insane!!! We had so much fun! It was a much needed and awesome date night!!!!

The official PBR trophy

Abs decided to take a stroll around the house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So this year for Halloween...we decided to send out Halloween cards with a little newsletter. We dressed up in our costumes and took pictures at a pumpkin patch. Here are a couple pictures from the mini photo shoot. Then on Halloween we went to a friends house for a Halloween party. It was a lot of fun with yummy chili and caramel apples! Happy late Halloween!!!!

This is the card we sent out...

This is a copy of the little newsletter we sent out. Phillip of course wrote if you don't know his sense of humor too might not make sense as much. haha

Happy Halloween!!

Aitch A double el Oh, double ewe double ee in spells Halloween.
(Many people were getting confused with says literally...H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells HALLOWEEN)(I asked him where he got this from and he said...a decoration my mom has for Halloween would say it...)
Greetings from the Jenkins!
While waiting in the pumpkin patch on Hallows Eve, as usual, our family was transformed as the Great Pumpkin so dictated. Vanessa and Abby switched places with Dash which means not much will change. They will continue to lie around the house all day. The only difference will be that Vanessa will only be able to clean with her tongue. The Great Pumpkin chose, in his infinite wisdom, to convert me into Mater. Now I’ll just have to specialize in K-9s.
Here’s the annual update (acting like we’ve done one before):
Abs of course was born last December (in case you’ve been asleep for the last ten months). She turned out to be a girl, which was good because Vanessa needed an excuse to make a shrine to Ariel (of Little Mermaid fame). The baby’s room is really just all of Vanessa’s toys. Vanessa even painted a mural of Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder by putting together a make shift projector. Now that Abs is ten months old (and transformed into a cat), I now have a good excuse to go trick-or-treating (not that it ever stopped me before).
Vanessa is getting used to staying home and being a full time mom. She has created two blogs which she tries to update frequently. She also has started walking two miles every day and collecting random animals (like Mater). Now the dog park has one more little yapper. She also volunteers her time with one of her friends at their church.
As for me, I pretty much just play ping pong. When I can fit it in I go to classes in-between. I started dental school a few months ago. I also joined the Navy because we decided it would be fun not knowing where we’ll be living in four years. Spices things up a little. Well have a lovely year. Take care until the Great Pumpkin strikes next year.