Friday, May 8, 2009

Did we forget to tell you???

Abby is going to be a big sister! In October we will be blessed with a little baby boy for Abby to tease and torture! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

School is FUN

For all those who want to go to dental school, here is what you have to look forward to:

5/13/09 7122-Prosth Lecture Quiz #1
5/18/09 7135-Perio Quiz #1
5/21/09 7111-Oral Histo Final
5/27/09 7137-Prosth Lab Practical #1
5/29/09 7138-Operative Exam #1
Practical #1
6/03/09 7122-Prosth Lecture Quiz #2
6/08/09 7135-Perio Quiz #2
6/09/09 7139-Occlusion Practical #1
Exam #1
7129-Dx and TP Exam #1
6/15/09 7138-Operative Exam #2
Practical #2
6/16/09 7130-Dent Mat Exam #1
6/17/09 7137-Prosth Lab Practical #2
6/22/09 7135-Perio Quiz #3
6/24/09 7137-Prosth Lab Practical #3
7122-Prosth Lecture Exam #1
7/06/09 7135-Perio Quiz #4
7/08/09 7122-Prosth Lecture Quiz #3
7/13/09 7138-Operative Exam #3 Practical #3
7/15/09 7137-Prosth Lab Practical #4
7/20/09 7135-Perio Quiz #5
7/27/09 7126-Anesthesia Final
7/29/09 7122-Prosth Lecture Quiz #4
8/03/09 7135-Perio Final
8/04/09 7139-Occlusion Exam #2
7130-Dent Mat Exam #2
7129-Dx and TP Exam #2
8/05/09 7137-Prosth Lab Practical #5
7122-Prosth Lab Exam #2
8/07/09 7138-Operative Exam #4
Practical #4

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Semester Break

I better catch up on what we have been up to these last couple weeks since in a couple days Abby and I are off to CA to see my mom, sister and nieces preform in "The Wizard of Oz." Phillip had two weeks off in between semesters (he doesn't get the summer off) we decided to pack up and hit the road. As soon as his last final was completed I surprised him with some take out sushi and we hit the road. We stayed one night in Provo with some friends then drove to Tooele, UT to stay with Phillip's brother Jared and his wife Kathryn. Jared took a couple days off of work so we could just goof around. Phillip's goal for the trip was to go golfing as many times as he possibly could, especially since golfing in Utah is about 1/5 the price in Vegas. He played golf every single day that we were there, I got to shop for several hours with my sister in law at Ikea, we went swimming, played at the parks, played the Wii and card games, and had a wonderful time relaxing. Then we packed up and drove to Layton, UT to visit my sister Veronica and Brent and their 3 kids. We had a great time playing outside, going to the zoo, a museum, just visiting, of course more golfing for Phillip. Then we packed up again and drove to St. George, UT. We stayed in St. George for the rest of the time with some friends from dental school at a very nice condo. (Thanks again Millers) There were about 6 different families that came up different days and rotated staying a day or two. We had an awesome time swimming every day, shopping and playing at the cool parks. Phillip went on a hike with the guys where they had to cross a little river and climb cliffs to get golf balls. Apparently there is a golf course that is on a cliff so everyone always hits a few golf balls over the cliff. So the boys went on a hike to find them. They came back with almost 600 golf balls. Phillip was in heaven. So of course the next day, he had to go golfing with his new found treasure. We had such a great trip but we were exhausted by the end. We got home on Friday and Phillip started school again Monday...back into the full swing of things with dental school again.

Playing Rock Band...

Reading stories with Uncle Jared and Daddy

Sharing yummy ice cream at the zoo

Cousin Brooklyn and Abby

Playing at the Children's Museum

This picture is for Grandpa Jenkins

This is pretty much how Abby is the ENTIRE car ride :)Even with watching DVD's and such.

"On the road again..."

The guys scrubbing all the golf balls they found.

Climing on the rocks in St. George

Tight squeeze

This park was so much fun for Abby and her friends, but I think the adults actually had more fun at this park!