Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

These past two weeks have been a complete whirlwind as I am in a sleep deprived daze. It has been an adjustment getting used to having two kids and trying to figure out a new routine. Abby is absolutely in love with her baby brother and is constantly asking for him and wants him to wake up all the time. I usually have to keep him in his bassinet when he is asleep because otherwise she is all over him. On top of having a new born and getting used to that, Abby has decided that she wants to be potty trained. I purposely had put it off because I figured that she would just regress once the baby was born. But ever since we came home from the hospital she has been wanting to go potty in the big potty and wear "big girl panties." So it hasn't been the best of timing for me, but since she was ready we decided to go full force and completely take away her diapers (of course except for nap and bed time.) So far she has done really well. Anyway, last weekend my parents and sisters were able to come up and visit and then this weekend Phillip's parents came up too. It has been soooo nice to have the company, the extra hands to help, and most of all the attention for Abby that she has been craving. Since we have been home for the past two weeks because of the baby and Abby potty training, she has been starting to get a little bit of "cabin fever" so having the company to entertain her has been wonderful. We had a fun time this Halloween weekend filled with pumpkin carving, a little farm/pumpkin patch, pies, and trick or treating. Abby wasn't so sure about the trick or treating, she wouldn't say a word at any of the houses, but she would walk right up the house and hold out her bucket for the candy. It has been a great couple weekends, too bad Abby and Chase didn't get the memo that the time changed last night and that they were supposed to sleep an extra hour :)

Daddy and Chase watching Sunday football together

Pumpkin carving

Abby loves to help feed her baby brother

Baby Chase enjoying the farm and pumpkin patch :)

Abby was in looove with this little horsey

Halloween night after trick or treating

Wide awake

We went to Halloween party that a friend of ours from dental school put on. She was Snow White and Abby was so excited!