Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time Flies.....

When you have an iPhone and never use your desktop computer anymore to look things up or upload pictures :) haha....We haven't really even turned our computer on since we got our phones several weeks ago but we have been taking lots of pictures and uploading them to facebook :) Anyway....sorry....its going to be picture overload...
Playing around with the front camera on the phone

 Went to see the midnight showing of "Eclipse" with the ladies from my was a lot of fun! Even with the tattle tale in line behind us :)

 My little guy is into the curious stage and getting into everything. I think you're supposed to be in this Chase, not under it

    One day I was just thinking about when we should lower his crib and then that day when he woke up from his nap, he was standing up and about to fall out, so I guess it was time to lower it. Since then he has been so excited to pull himself up everywhere.

My family came into town on their way to and from Utah for my nieces baptism. So on their way back down my sister and her kids caravan-ed with my parents down to Cali. They all stopped here for 4th of July night and the next morning we all got up and me and the kids hopped in her van and went with them for a few day trip. It was a full car of 5 kids and two adults....and traffic! Here is my cutie niece Brooklyn watching the fireworks, apparently she wasn't assumed :)

   Kaitlin, Dad, Mom, and Dylan as we did fireworks in the street

     I was playing around with a picture editing thing on my phone but here is a cute picture of Abby and a few of my nieces and nephew.

                                                                        Playing at the park

On our way to the beach....crowded van!

  It was freezing at the beach...but it was lovely to escape the 100+ weather in Vegas

     My brother Ammon and his family live who live in Orem Utah also were down for the week in Cali. So one night we had a family dinner at my parents. 13 out of 15 grand kids were there. And 11 of them with two adults went for a swim in my parents spa...haha

   The day before we drove back home we were fortunate enough to go to Disneyland. The weather was wonderful and it was pretty crowded but not terrible and the kids all did really well for being there for about 10 hrs.

Proof to show daddy that both kids were asleep at the same time in the double stroller, it was a miracle....that only lasted about 30 minutes...haha

 After our fun filled week of the beach and Disneyland, we came home and I put the two to work :) Chase loves to climb up on the dishwasher and Abby likes to help me clean. I knew I had kids for a put them to work! :)