Monday, March 30, 2009

Its been awhile since I posted last but my camera has been in the shop again for repairs and I always feel like for some reason I can't post if I don't have pictures. So I will have to post some when the camera returns again. Hopefully this time they will actually fix the thing I asked them to fix the first time. Anyway...a couple weeks ago Phillip had a much needed Spring Break. On Monday night we met up with some other dental friends down in Primm, NV (state line) so we could get out of town with only having to go 40 miles away. Plus when we saw that the prices for the rooms were only $7 a night at Buffalo Bills, the one with the roller coaster....we couldn't pass it up. The rooms were not too bad at all, especially for the price. We had connecting rooms so that we could put the kids down in the one room and then we could still hang out in the other room. The roller coaster and all the rides were all closed till the weekend so there really wasn't much to do but swim in the hot tub (the pool was FREEZING), go shopping, and eat. We stayed Monday and Tuesday night and came home Wednesday. It was a nice little change of scenery for cheap. Then the rest of the week we relaxed, had BBQ's, hung out at the parks and played. It was so nice to have Phillip home for the week since with so much studying lately we really haven't gotten too much time with him. Then he started school again and finals are in two weeks, so he said he basically won't see us till they are over. I can't believe how much he has to study. I don't know how he does it all, but I'm glad its him and not me :) Can't wait for this semester to be over for him. He gets two weeks off and then starts a new semester, which we have actually heard is even worse then this one...yay I love dental school! :) Well when I get the camera back I will have to post more pictures, until then...sorry!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Celebration and White Coat Ceremony

Last weekend Phillip's parents and his brother and their family came into town for Phillip's birthday and white coat ceremony. On Sat night we went to a sushi place for dinner. Phillip ordered the all you can eat sushi and everyone else ordered food that was actually cooked. Abby ate a ton of rice and then snuck a piece of fish off daddy's sushi and actually ate it! I was so shocked! But she didn't go back for seconds. Then Sunday we cooked a big dinner at home for Phillip's actual birthday. He had been asking for home made spring rolls for months now so I decided to tackle it for his birthday. So we had a random dinner of steak, spring rolls, broccoli and potatoes. With the help of my mother and sister in law the spring rolls were a huge hit and Phillip ate more then half of them! :) Then on Monday we all visited Phillip at school and got a tour of some of the things he has been working on. Like his mannequin patient, Billy, and such. Then that night the was the white coat ceremony. It was to signify their progress from being a student to becoming a practicing dentist. It was very neat and I would have been able to enjoy it more if I didn't have my very energetic, can't sit for more then 2 minutes one year old with me. The parts that I did get to hear though were pretty awesome. Watching Phillip walk across the stage and see the dental professors put his white coat and pin on made him becoming a Dr. so real. Then all the students and dentists stood and recited a Dental Oath. From what I got to hear it was a really touching experience. Congrats Dr. Phillip Jenkins! Keep up the good hard work!

Dinner at sushi place

Phillip's first plate of sushi

Homemade egg rolls

Dr. Jenkins!

UNLV School of Dental Medicine class of 2012


YAY! After maybe 4 days of Abby going on strike and not drinking any if but a few sips of milk...she finally drank it out of a sippy cup!!! I let her pick out a sippy cup at the store in hopes that she would be more excited to use it and it seemed to work in the end. She is still somewhat iffy of the whole idea but today she officially drank two full cups of it! Our little girl is getting so big!