Tuesday, June 23, 2009


These last few weeks Abby has been talking a lot lately. It is so much fun to hear her say different words and it is nice to be able to somewhat communicate with her. Although I think she is hitting the "terrible twos" a little early sometimes, she is still so much fun. We have been keeping busy with swimming, hanging out at parks, going to friends houses and we even got to go to the circus with daddy and friends! It was so much fun! As a side note for Father's Day Abby and I bought daddy a new driver. He was so excited and it finally came in the mail today. He can't wait to go golfing tomorrow to try it out. He said it is the best club he has ever had. So we will see how it holds up tomorrow. But I just wanted to say Happy Late Father's Day to Phillip. He is such a wonderful dad. He does a very good job at balancing all his studying and church calling with spending quality time with his family and we are very proud of him. I also just wanted to wish my dad and father in law a Happy late Father's day too! We love you!

Abby loves her daddy

She loves to wear our shoes

This is what happens when a toddler realizes they can get out of their bed now. Apparently after playing for 2 hours instead of taking a nap she finally got tired enough and just fell asleep on the floor

Swimming at the rec center

The circus!

Abby really liked watching the elephants

Here is a little video to show some of the words Abby likes to say now

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Time...

Lately Abby and I have been trying to get out of the house at least once a day. Either to a park so she can run around and get some energy out or at least to run an errand or two. We have been keeping busy with our ward mom's group weekly play dates and dental wives mom's play dates. We also were lucky enough to get a NEW couch last week. Every single piece of furniture we have ever owned in our almost 3 years of marriage has either been a "hand-me-down" or from Craigslist. So last week we made our first purchase on a brand new, never been used sectional with 4 recliners. I love it! And the bigger I get in this pregnancy, the more I will enjoy it! :) Phillip of course is keeping very busy with school. Even with 7 tests coming up next week he still does a very good job of spending as much time with us as he can. So we are very grateful for that. Also last night was Abby's first night in her BIG GIRL BED! She did really well. I think it was an easy transition for her because we just turned her crib into the toddler bed so nothing really changed just that the big railing is down and it now just has a really small little railing so she can get off by herself. She was so tired when she went to bed last night that she fell right asleep with no problems. I laid a bunch of blankets on the ground around her bed in case she rolled off. Around 4 in the morning I went to go check on her and she was asleep on the ground. Poor thing. I picked up her, put her back into the bed and she slept till 8:30 and didn't even try to get off once she woke up. She is currently taking a nap on it right now, so we will see how this goes. Her crib was kind of falling apart, so we decided to just convert it to the toddler bed and we can buy a new crib for the baby. This way she will be used to a regular bed by the time the baby comes and she hopefully won't think that the baby stole her crib. Well, that's all the new and exciting news so far...till next time!

Ward mom's group at the Krispie Kreme Tour

The new couches (its a sectional but because our place is so small we had to separate it. So its a little ghetto, but at least its a ton more comfy! haha)

Middle piece in corner (ghetto part) :)

Abby actually asleep in her big girl bed