Monday, March 31, 2008

Only A Biker Knows Why A Dog Sticks His Head Out Of A Car Window

We only had one car and with Phillip's work being about 20 miles away; he would always have to take the car to work. Being stranded at home before Abby was born and having to bum rides off people or taking the bus was starting to get a bit old. Phillip and I had talked about getting a motorcycle because of various different reasons. It would allow me to have the car most of the time as well as cut down on gas prices, travel time due to traffic, insurance, and most importantly, Phillip loves to ride. Ever since my dad got a Harley, Phillip has been envious. Then his brother bought a bike as well. He has just been waiting to get one of his own. We started to check out prices on Craigslist and all over the internet. I told my dad to keep his eye out because we were now in the market for one. Anyway, to make a long story short, my dad hooked us up! He gave us a 1981 Honda Goldwing. It actually runs very smoothly and is in great shape! Phillip rides it to work and back every day (weather permitting) and will take it to run errands whenever he gets the chance. He keeps it in the garage so he can work on it, and my car gets to be parked outside now :) At least now I have a way of getting around town to run errands or go to the park whenever I want! Here is Phillip's favorite and biggest birthday present! Thanks Dad!!!!

"Work to ride and ride to work"
"The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome"
"Never ride faster then your guardian angel can fly."

I got to ride Phillip's bike before he did! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter and Another California Trip

I am getting really bad at this blogging thing. I am almost obsessed with checking everyone's blogs and keeping up to date with people. But I am horrible at updating our own. I always feel like I can't blog if I don't have cute pictures to go along with my story. Or if nothing really exciting has happened, then I don't know what to write. I am a really bad journal writer. I love to do it so I can look back and remember things, but the actual task of sitting down and writing, I am horrible at. Every day Abby seems to do something cute or different, or occasionally drives me nuts :) I just keep thinking that I really need to write these things down because one day she might want to know how she was as a baby. So I might be using our blog as my way of writing these things down for her sake and for mine. So sorry if they are boring, I just need to get them down somewhere! :) She just is getting so big so fast, and if I keep putting it off, before I know it she will be starting Kindergarten and won't be my sweet little chub-a-lub anymore! :)

Anyway last week the High School that Phillip teaches at had Spring Break, so we took advantage of his time off and went down to California. Even though we have our house in Vegas, we get to visit so often that sometimes I feel like we haven't moved from there. We got to stay for a whole week. It was a very nice little vacation because usually when we go down it's only for a couple days, and we feel so rushed trying to visit with everyone. This time we actually got to relax and bit and got to spend more time. Whenever we go down we get spoiled by everyone taking us out to lunch or dinner, its wonderful! :) We took Abby down to the beach for her first time. We went to lunch with my brother and his family at Ruby's on the pier. On the way back to the cars, it was sooo windy! Phillip and I both had to push the stroller because it was getting whipped all around and almost pushed off the side of the pier. That was an adventure. Later that day Phillip played tennis at the park with my sisters and their friends while I tried to keep the wind from Abby who was sound asleep in her stroller. The rest of the week was filled with visiting with friends and family, eating at Apple Bee's, Golden Spoon, Outback, making crepes for my dad's single's ward, going to the temple, walking around Downtown Disney (mine and Phillip's first date since Abby was born) riding on my dad's Harley, shopping, and sleeping in. All in all, it was wonderful! We got back to Vegas on Friday afternoon and spent the day cleaning, doing taxes and getting back to the real world. Saturday night we bought one of those activity saucers for Abby. (We found a great deal on one on Craigslist, I love that thing!) She loved playing in the one at Grandma and Grandpa Chase's house so we decided to get one for her. It keeps her busy for awhile so it lets me get things done. Then once she is tired, she starts to fuss, I pick her up and she goes right to sleep. It's wonderful! For Easter Sunday we searched for our Easter buckets that the Easter Bunny had hid for us. Abby was sooo cute in her new Easter dress and little bonnet that Grandma bought her. She loved looking for her bucket and mommy and daddy are enjoying her treats! Then we went to our aunt and uncle’s house where everyone got together for Easter dinner! It was delicious! Anyway, that was our lovely week in a nut shell. Happy late Easter everyone!!!

Loving her new saucer

Her beautiful Easter dress

YAY! Easter bucket!

I just loved this picture! She finally smiled for the camera!!!