Monday, February 18, 2008

California Trip

Well we just got back last night from another weekend trip to California. Our niece Veronica was being baptized this weekend and asked Phillip to baptize her. It was such a sweet experience! We got to California on Friday evening and met both of our families for a "congrats on getting into dental school" dinner. It was amazing! Then we went back to my parent's house where we were staying and Phillip played Guitar Hero on the Wii. We also played bowling and I finally won one game! Saturday morning Phillip went surfing with my brother. Then we got ready for the baptism and had lunch with my brother and his family. We went to the baptism and visited with family and friends for a little while. All of the Jenkins nieces and nephews were together for the first time since Abby was born, so of course we had a photo shoot! Later we went back to my brothers house for dinner and a movie because my brother ordered sushi for him and Phillip. We drove back to Vegas on Sunday so that we have a day at home to do things around the house before Phillip has to get back to work. I just thought I would post something so that I can upload some pictures that we took this weekend.

Phillip playing guitar hero
Abby playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house
All the Jenkins cousins
Veronica in her beautiful baptism dress with baby Abby
Abby in her cute sunday dress

Thursday, February 14, 2008



As most of you know we moved to Las Vegas to become residents because we had applied to UNLV Dental School. After much dedication and hard work, our anticipation paid off. Phillip received a phone call yesterday from the dental school asking him to call back. He called them as soon as he got done with tutoring and they informed him that they had reviewed his application the day before and had admitted him to their school. They congratulated him told him that he would be receiving paperwork in the mail in the next couple days. I am soooo extremely proud of him! What a blessing this has been for us this last year. He called me after he got off the phone with them and said: "I don't think we are going to be able to get a Wii." I asked, "Ok, why?" "Because we will need that money to hold my spot for dental school." A little confused as to why he would say that. I asked, "Ok how do you know?" He answered very calmly "Because they just called me and said I was accepted." Of course I started screaming and told him to tell me exactly what happened. Who called, what did they say, what did you say, how long did you talk to them, ect. Anyway, I just thought it was cute how he told me. He doesn't show much emotion because he says I show enough for both of us. :)
Just a quick run down of how the application process works and why I am so proud of him:
The number of applicants that applied last year= 2,918.
The number that is accepted=77
Need I say more of why this is such exciting news??? :) It is such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to start planning our future! I am married to a soon to be DR.!!! HAHA! CONGRATS PHILLIP! ABBY AND I ARE SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Abby Update

So in the last post I talked about Abby getting a cold. Well her cold wasn't getting better and she was starting to wheeze. I took her into the pediatrician because they said that bronchiolitis was going around and to bring her in right away. Lo and behold she was "diagnosed" with the bronchiolitis RSV. We had to borrow a nebulizer from a friend and give her breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. As a new mom, this made me extremely anxious because both Phillip and I have a niece and nephew that were both hospitalized for RSV. We were told to do the breathing treatments and to keep a close watch on her. I did not feel confident in my pediatrician’s diagnosis so a couple days later we took Abby into a pediatric quick care. The pediatrician there made me feel so much better. He actually took the time to explain bronchiolitis to us, listened to her breathing, checked her oxygen levels, and showed us what to look for in her breathing patterns. He said that her breathing and lungs sounded good and clear. I felt 1000 times better after leaving that quick care. She is doing much better now. She is still a bit congested, but she is finally getting back to her normal, happy, eating everything in sight, little girl.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Long Time No Post

It's been too long since our last update, so I thought I would take advantage of Abby taking a nap to update everyone. The last six weeks have been extremely eventful, tiring and have flown by! Abby has been growing so fast and is already 12 pounds 6 ounces. She eats like there is no tomorrow! She is more awake and attentive during the day now which has been so much fun. She likes to make little noises now as she begins to discover she has a voice that can do more than just cry. Her gummy smile brightens our day no matter what hour it is. I am starting to feel more comfortable with the whole adjustment of not getting a full nights rest, multitasking with one hand, feeding, then feeding again, and changing diapers all day long. Phillip went on a snowboarding trip with some friends from his family ward in California. It was from a Friday to Tuesday evening. I was a little worried at the thought of being home alone for that length of time with just me and Abby. So Phillip was kind enough to drive Abby and I to California Thursday night and then leave with the boys early Friday morning to drive right back up to Utah for their trip. Abby and I had a wonderful time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Chase and Jenkins. She was able to meet her new aunts and uncles that she hadn't met before. She sure has a way of making everyone fall madly in love with her within seconds. It is so much fun to see how such a sweet little innocent baby can light up anyone's day. I had to drive back to Vegas by myself with Abby. So I had to try to time it just right, so that she had a full tummy and would hopefully sleep the whole way in the car. She was an angel. She slept the entire way and started to fuss just as I got to the strip. I can not complain, we have such a good little baby! As soon as Phillip and I got back from both of our little trips, Abby developed a cold. She has a stuffy, runny nose for a couple of days. Then on Saturday night, I noticed that she was really having trouble breathing. After her middle of the night feeding I could not go back to sleep knowing she was struggling so bad. So I took her into extra bathroom and turned the hot shower on. We had her sleeping in her car seat so that she was sitting up more so it would be easier to breathe. I slept on the bathroom floor with her for about an hour in hopes that the humidity would help her. Once I went back to bed with her, I noticed that it was raining outside. Phillip's mom and brother and just driven up to Vegas with a motorcycle that my dad had given to us to use as another means of transportation. It was sitting in our driveway, and I knew Phillip wouldn’t want it getting wet. I moved the car out of the garage and he rode the bike into the garage. I had to park down the street from our house because all the spots were taken up. So needless to say it was a very eventful middle of the night full of sleeping on the bathroom floor and running down the street in my bathrobe in the rain. This was also the day of Abby's blessing. Daddy did a wonderful job on giving her a very sweet blessing. He blessed her with intelligence, obedience, faith, a testimony of the church, ect. It was such a wonderful feeling having our beautiful daughter being blessed by the priesthood from her dad, grandpa, and her uncles. We had a wonderful time having the family up for the blessing; it was too bad they couldn't all stay longer. We will be going down to California again this weekend for Veronica's (Phillip's niece) baptism. So we will have to update about that new adventure later.